Trefoil Advisory Team

Gregor Purdy
Gregor PurdyManaging Partner
Gregor is a consultant and executive advisor helping executives and investors improve innovation and execution, and strengthening leadership teams. Gregor built teams and delivered real-world products at Amazon, Apple, technology startups and a major eCommerce provider.
Bio & Testimonials
Stefan Weitz
Stefan WeitzStrategic Advisor
An 18-year Microsoft veteran, Stefan led and built technologies used by a billion people across the planet — and then went on to lead and sell the 2nd largest independent eCommerce company in North America. A best-selling author on technology-as-magic, holder of multiple patents and angel investor, Stefan lives to envision and build the future.
Greg White
Greg WhitePartner
Greg is a founder, CEO and board director in B2B technology with multiple successful exits. Rapidly-growing companies leverage his experience building disruptive B2B technology and supply chain companies recognized as industry leaders. An insightful visionary, he helps companies align vision, team, market, messaging, product, and intellectual property to accelerate value creation. As a board director and advisor, Greg works with investors, founders and leadership teams on assessments, guidance and coaching to help companies create breakthroughs that gain exposure and momentum in their target market, and with Gartner and other influencers.