Stefan Weitz

Company, brand and product strategy and development.

An 18-year Microsoft veteran, Stefan led and built technologies used by a billion people across the planet — and then went on to lead and sell the 2nd largest independent eCommerce company in North America. A best-selling author on technology-as-magic, holder of multiple patents and angel investor, Stefan lives to envision and build the future.

Stefan helps companies discover and grow their unique commercial value by working with all levels of an organization to dream, define, and deliver products and services customers crave. Stefan is often asked by Private Equity to deliver insight into an investment’s true worth and then work with them to make it real through strategic, business, technical and organizational leadership.

In his position as Executive Vice President of Radial, he transformed the company’s overall strategy to capitalize on the current state of eCommerce and led a 320-person team that built the company’s technical products and services to deliver $250M in revenue. After driving 7x growth in one of the product lines in 16 months, he sold Radial to bpost for $850M, twice the EBITDA multiple at which it sold 24 months earlier.

At Microsoft, Stefan was on the founding team of and worked with people and organizations across the globe build and promote our leading Search technologies. Bing grew from under 7% to nearly 30% US market share during his tenure.

Prior to Search, Stefan led the strategy and development of Microsoft’s next generation online platforms, was the inventor and General Manager for Microsoft’s municipal WiFi strategy, built a cybersecurity defense unit, designed open-source development models for our flagship product, ran diligence and M&A efforts for a half-dozen acquisitions, and launched several products to market.

His varied experiences have given Stefan a catbird seat to see how products and organizations succeed or fail, and has led him to develop tools and systems that turn ideas into profitable businesses.

Stefan has been writing code since he was 8 years old and is fluent in both hardware and software architecture, trends, and potentials. His best-selling book, Search: How the Data Explosion Makes Us Smarter, gained international prominence, and led to dozens of speaking engagements ranging from 10 to 25,000 people in places from TEDx to The Nantucket Project. Stefan holds a half-dozen patents in various disciplines and is currently incubating three consumer brands.

Stefan serves on four corporate boards and two non-profit boards, including the GenCon Board for Conservation International and is active in Endeavor Global, a non-profit dedicated to incubating high-impact startups in developing markets.