Diagonal Strategies™

Diagonal Strategies™ will help you break through barriers and help with all sorts of creativity: personal, professional, artistic, technical and more.


“I created Diagonal Strategies™ while consulting with Fortune 50 companies as a way to share my techniques for staying unblocked while driving high stakes cross-functional projects. The work I was doing spanned business, technology, people and design, and I wanted to offer an engaging tool that would benefit people across disciplines and from leaders and practitioners at all levels in an organization. The result is a deck that is both a lot of fun to work with and highly effective at prompting new thinking. Don’t be blocked!

— Gregor Purdy, creator of Diagonal Strategies™


Unlock your personal and professional creativity. Break through barriers to solo and team innovation. Achieve more in less time with 50 block-busting Strategies for creative results.


Features and Benefits:


  • Contains strategies to challenge assumptions, prompt new action, improve communication and connect you with people who can help.


  • Includes specific exercises to get you thinking along new paths to break through patterns that impede progress.


  • Engages multiple faculties: analytical, creative, social, rational and intuitive.




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