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About Gregor Purdy

Gregor Purdy is a consultant and executive advisor in transformational technology, strategy and product leadership with real-world experience at Amazon, Apple, technology startups and a major eCommerce provider.

Your Minimum Viable Product… Isn’t

    Talking with companies and teams aiming for rapid innovation and growth, over a wide range of sizes and stages, I find many will eagerly tell me about their progress and challenges in implementing their Minimum Viable Product (MVP). While I’m always heartened to find people already thinking along [...]

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You are not Amazon. Now what?

        Whether you are a fan of the company or not, Amazon is the force in commerce, technology, and even logistics today. Entire industries are being created, challenged and disrupted by the Seattle behemoth. Their success is unequaled, their reach is unprecedented and their potential is unfathomable. [...]

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Surfing the Avalanche: 7 Crucial Practices for Resilience at Scale

The pressure of Black Friday traffic at many companies and product launches at Apple are legendary. Companies and fortunes are made and lost on thriving or not during major spikes in interest, whether expected or not. Imagine making all the preparations for massive product launch traffic, and still having a [...]

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