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Break through barriers to reveal transformation and growth, accelerate personal and professional progress, and avoid obstacles that can harm execution and brand reputation.

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Stronger Companies™️

Trefoil Advisory was founded by Gregor Purdy in 2017. Our team members are former executives and other leaders from Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and other innovative companies. We bridge strategy and execution based on real-world, practical experience.

We help our clients build new strengths and deliver value through assessments, executive advisory and coaching and consulting.

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Superpower Pack™️

Execute better, strengthen your team, expand capabilities and promote character. Get the most out by identifying and leveraging Superpowers that lead to your best results.

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Stronger Companies Framework™️

Systems-based framework for helping leaders find, learn and apply the most effective pathways to solve their toughest problems.

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Diagonal Strategies™️

Unlock personal, professional and team creativity and innovation. Achieve more in less time with tools to keep you progressing on your highest stakes professional or creative work.

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